=== [System Commands] ===
#get - get your API push-notification link
January 17
Please replace data within [...] in

[CUSTOMER_IM_UID] = any_im_uid
[CUSTOM_MESSAGE_WITH_@code@] = Dear+%25UserNameCanBeReplaced%25%2C+you+ have+requested++for+2-factor+auth+code+%40code%40+at+company+X.
[JSON_OR_XML] = json
While customer authorization, Service Provider (SP) call GET request with push API link which send message to customer IM with 5-digit number:
Dear %UserNameCanBeReplaced%, you have requested for 2-factor auth code 12345 at company X.
This 2-factor authorization code was generated by https://skysiss.com service as notification by company named as 'X'

GET request respond the same digit to SP:

So SP able to validate customer digit string.
To better understand try yourself, just add free_bot and try command #2auth