=== [System Commands] ===
#getcafe - get restaurant list
#layout <restaurant_number> - get table layout, menu and availability
#order <restaurant_number> <table_number> <datetime> <dish_number_list (optional)> - order table for particular time
#cancel - cancel current order
#pay - prepaid id needed

January 17
1. PizzaHot
2. EatMyMeat Red (Belarus, Minsk, Red st., 69)
3. EatMyMeat Yellow (Belarus, Minsk, Yellow st., 96)
#layout 2
Please choose your table for EatMyMeat Red
#order 2 3 today 19:00 4,5
OK, you you choice is table #3 at EatMyMeat Red (Belarus, Minsk, Red st., 69), your pre-order is beef steak and red vine at 7PM

Confirm please (y/N)?
Pay 30$ for pre-order
Payment successful. Wait please...
Thanks for waiting, your order is confirmed by restaurant. Bon Appetit!

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